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Technical Due Diligence Reports

Technical Due Diligence Reports

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Technical Due Diligence Reports (or Acquisition Reports) are a detailed review of an existing property. Technical Due Diligence Reports highlight the condition of the building, identify defects and include a summary of possible capital expenditure and maintenance works required at the specific point in time or over the life of the building. Whether you are buying or selling a property it is important for both buyer and seller to understand the potential risks and liabilities. Furthermore the principle of ‘caveat emptor’ (let the buyer beware) is still a guiding legal principal in all property transactions. Technical Due Diligence Reports from TWC Group will provide a detailed review of the building and identify possible risks and likely costs. This is all done prior to any commitment to the property transaction. Technical Due Diligence Reports include: - Clarifying the Client’s brief and required service - Advice on what building components should be inspected - Documentation review including all technical and legal documents - Detailed property inspection - Co-ordinating sub-consultants - Liaising with other members of the acquisition team such as lawyers, agents, investment advisers etc - Follow-up disucssions, additional questions, concerns or re-inspections to identify any major concerns - Attending Client meetings and post report advice - Liaising with the Client’s Legal team as required Technical Due Diligence Reports can be as comprehensive or as limited as the client requires. This can include any or all of the following: - Obtain and collate all relevant building documents and approvals. - Review the building structure, fabric, services, vertical transportation and statutory compliance. - Ground contamination, environmental and hazardous materials assessment. - Occupational Health and Safety reviews. - Green performance reviews (BEEC/NABHERS audits and assessments). - Building code / building regulations compliance reviews. - Essential Safety Measures maintenance reviews - Prioritised capital and maintenance expenditure planning. - Title identification and lease plans surveys.

Contact Details

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4 Small Street, Hampton VIC, Australia

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