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Public Buildings

Building permits for public buildings

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Service Description

With a background in local government certification, TWC Group have some of the best experience in the industry working on public construction projects. As performance qualified building surveyors we are also able to approve Performance Solutions for building designs that don’t comply with the prescriptive “deemed-to-satisfy” provisions of the building code. This can mean substantial cost savings to any project. This approach can allow for cost savings in construction requirements and greater design flexibility. From the outset of the every project, our building surveyors are committed to working with the design team to ensure all building permits, approvals and compliance certificates are granted in a timely fashion. We will discuss your proposal with you and provide quality advice early on during the design and tendering phase. We then follow every project though to final design and approval. TWC Group are also pleased to offer a fully electronic submission, review and certification process for all building permits and approvals.

Contact Details

03 9598 5695

4 Small Street, Hampton VIC, Australia

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