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Stage 4 Coronavirus update

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

For TWC customers it is business as "normal".

Whilst TWC are operating from home, to a very large extent it is business as normal for our clients.

"Community transmission is in many respects our biggest challenge and the reason why we need to move to a different set of rules," Premier Daniel Andrews said on Sunday.

Stage 4 restrictions come into force through Metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire Council at 11:59pm on Wednesday 5 August 2020.

TWC are taking their obligations very seriously

At TWC we acknowledge the roll we have to play in reducing the risk of community transmission throughout the building industry. Currently all TWC staff are working remotely however on-site inspections are continuing as normal. As the building industry is continuing to run under stage 4 restrictions, albeit at a reduced capacity due to staffing limits on site, building surveyors are an ancillary business providing services necessary for the operations of a permitted work site and as such our inspections are permitted and will be carried out largely as per normal. We acknowledge that staffing limits on building sites still apply and our attendance on site will need to be within these limits . The remainder of our work will continue on as normal with a few changes as part of our Coronavirus management strategy.

What this means for our clients.

  • TWC will be operating under a Covid Safe Plan, which includes aspects like social distancing on site, wearing masks and regular sanitizing.

  • TWC office's are closed for meetings and drop-in visits.

  • Office phones now divert to voicemail and messages delivered remotely to staff.

  • Inspections will need to be booked via e-mail on

  • Attendance at meetings will be via virtual meetings.

  • Staffing limits on sites will need to observed including our presence.

  • There should be no effect on the services we provided to our clients.

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